Thursday, April 29, 2010


How are you doing? Fine I hope. As for me o.k. This is the same day my friends call. No more of my friends will call you again. I told him to tell you what happened that is it. But he just want to talk for a long time. But nobody disrespect me at all. He is a good friend but if he don't do what I tell him he is no friend of mine. Try to understand what I am saying. If I was in his place all I would do is tell his family what he said and that was it. Some of these guys up here if you keep talking to them for long they want to call you back you understand. Then I would have to do 3 years to 9 for killing him. But if anybody else from now on call you and say it is me no it please. right now I am up but because all that time you were talking and I don't know what it was about. you are not going to tel me. I got on his ass when he told me he told you I was smoking. I wanted to beat the shit out of him but there is no way I can get out of my cell. I won't be happy until I find out what he said on the phone to you. What is up with Gloria I wrote to her two time unless this is not the address...if that is not the address she gave me or I mispell it let me know or tell her to write and I will get the address that way. I wrote this to my exgirl tell me how it sounds. (I understand how difficult for you during this time of sepuration because I to am suffering. I also experience the lovelessness at night and the anger at life because of our situation. I'm sorry for the times I'm not there to share your happiness. I'm sorry for the times on the phone when I make small talk and all you need is a hug. But there is one thing I am not sorry for and that's loving you. our time apart is small when compared to a lifetime of togetherness. If we are strong our love will not go away rather it will grow stronger with each passing day.) What do you think about it? Let me know. I am reading a letter you wrote to me. I think it was the first one. Date is 1/26/89. For some reason I just can't stop reading it. you ask a question. If I was the only man in the world, would I be happy with myself? No I would not be...I love you a lot.

P.S. Tell your friend to write to me. I must say she sound sweet on the phone.

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