Thursday, April 15, 2010

Josh & Laura

I'm not quite sure about what I like about Laura but there are small things that I do like that she does. This will not be a list. I like how when I do need her she is there for me. Like when I need a ride or favor she will do it for me. I like watching movies with her and even being around her when she's with her friends. I enjoy her company all of the time even if she is in her shitty moods. I like being welcome in her home. I like to watch her dance and even just move like from one room to another, nothing crazy but I like the way she carries herself. I like that she is very caring but that she may not be the best at showing it. On the other hand there are many things I could do without. Most important to me is her ability to be open minded. I do not think she is at all. I hate that she is her way or no way all the time. I hate it when she smokes for no reason. She has one drink and then she needs to smoke. Her attitude towards others is good but often does not give everyone a chance. I hate when she tries to get involved in other peoples relationships. She needs to leave everyone else alone and worry about what she has and what she is missing out on not what everyone else is missing. Quit living for what's far ahead and take every day to improve something or make something happen. I hate that she does not let people get close to her and she does not have good answers for it. I hate that she never has good answers for anything. I hate how little things can affect her so much her attitude changes completely. I hate, almost as much as her not being open-minded, when she'd rather talk to her friends about our relationship instead of speaking to me. I really think that is unfair. Then other people know what is going on before I do. I hate that she thinks she is showing emotions towards myself and that she is putting an effort into our relationship but I really do not think she is. I think she has bars or a guard around her and I think she is scared of something more than a relationship. I think there is room for her to loosen up and let go a little bit but overall I do like her and enjoy being around her.

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