Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sunday, December 2, 1984

Hello, How are you? It's been a long time since we've communicated, but that's not to say I have forgotten about any of you.
Thank you very much for the beautiful chain you sent. When you told me about it you described it as nothing much, but you were wrong. It is much more than just a chain. It is a token of our friendship, and it came at a time when I needed something like that. Also, thanks for my pen; I didn't know I had left it there.
I spoke with your mother briefly the day I went to pick up the chain. She seemed perfectly satisfied with her trip to California and particularly glad to have seen all of you. She told me that you guys went to quiet cannon. That was nice of you to have taken her there. She also told me that [the girls] had an accident on your table. I hope they didn't hurt themselves.
Well, I have not really spoken to you about my father's death and how it has affected us. We spoke just a little bit the day I came back but I really was not in a condition to go into details. Needless to say that it hurts. You knew my father. He was a happy man, never did anyone any wrong. That is what hurt the most. Not the fact that I lost a father, but the fact that I lost such a good and loving father. It seemed pretty damned unfair for him to be taken like that all of a sudden, but what can we do if it was god's will. It is a difficult adjustment, and it seems that as more time goes by the more I miss him. My mother held up pretty strongly. My sister was deeply hurt, my brother too-- but I don't know about Rauphy, he holds too much inside. We are all trying to make due with each other now and I hope this has taught us all a lesson. I know I have learned one. Time is very short and we should do the best we can to try to live happily while we are here.
Besides that, everything is pretty much the same. Oh, I'd like to add that Howard proved very supportive of me during this period. He showed me how much he really cares about me-- which is a lot. But that is another story which is not the subject of this letter.
I did something for myself. I bought a new car. I bought a Mazda GLC, 1985. It's charcoal. When you come to New York, soon I hope, we can hang out outside of the city.
Now, tell me about yourself. How are things with you. How are things with you and Charlie? I do hope that you work things out because there is a lot of crap out there (meaning men) and despite any faults you may think he has, you should weigh them against his good qualities. How is Sylvia doing with her new home and her boyfriend. Good I hope. I really do think that she is a decent girl and does have good ideas, though a bit young-- but we were all at that stage once before. And Rita? Rumor has it that she is coming to New York for Christmas. Is there any truth to this rumor? And how is Linda? Do you see her much?
Before this letter gets too long and boring and you put it down without finishing reading it, I'll cut it short. I just wanted to let you know that I'm still alive and carry you in my heart as always. I know you are very busy, but do try to write a few lines to let me know how you are. Give my regards to all. Take care of yourself.


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