Thursday, August 26, 2010


What's up brother?
Where art thou? I have not heard from you it's like you fell off the face of the earth. We had such big plans what happened? I pray & hope that you are in the best of help & ok. I miss you bro this is just a bump in the road for me. How long I will be here fighting I'm not sure of, you know the deal. While I was in Dublin and Alameda I was praying every night that the lord would get me a good lawyer. His word says that only he can save me & not my money. I got arraighed & this guy comes up to me & said that he called down the court house & told them he was available for this case. Obviously he wanted it & Cambridge & I start asking about my lawyer George Murphy & everybody says to me how did you get him? He doesn't just take any case he's big bucks! Even the cops at superior you know the ones who bring us to see the judge, they said to me I'm in good hands. My lawyer is one of the best in the state at least in the top 10 he don't take no crap from anyone! He was a DA for 20 years in Lowell I guess. All I need him to do is prove my innocence now his credentials speak for themselves. Oh yeah our old friend Mike Nazario came through here about a year ago. He was arrested for rape! He lives in Everret I heard on lane st or line st something like that. Remember Cosmo ? His case well he was looking at 12 years and it got dropped to aggravated assault or something stupid like that. 2 years probation. Same lawyer I got. He paid big bucks.
On another note I saw my boys, they are huge. Dominic is taller than Stacey and baby look like the white guy on Kings and Queens. He's a little truck! Man I love them. Stacy said she loves me but her actions prove otherwise. She looks broken. My real mom came up. Both mom and sister and my other 2 sisters came, Kerry and Katrine. There's really nothing here for me. when I get out I want to go back to Cali. Somewhere warm! People are the same no changes everybody for themselves makes me sick. Did your daughter ever come out to see you in June? I hope she did and that you had a great time with her! I know that is your pride and joy Dylan and Tess and rightfully so. I hopw I'm still 3rd! :) Anything good happening with you and Jay? Or how about Red? Tell him I send my respect.I could use a little canteen $ maybe a book or 2 get off your fat ass and write me a letter! I'm doing OK. I miss your smart ass jokes and breakfast at the diner. You're not forgotten I brag about you to my buddies, Get your shit together and write me you bum! I expected to hear from you first! I will keep praying for you "Dirty Vato." Take care and God Bless. Love that ass. I am Shawn.

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